Episode 67: WCW / New Japan Supershow II


WCW returns to Japan, this time with Lex Luger in tow, for the second WCW / New Japan Supershow - known in Japan by the much better title "Super Warriors in Tokyo Dome." Like the prior year, WCW's presenting a heavily edited and cut down version of the Japanese original - but don't worry, I'm sure they didn't cut a match featuring a legendary wrestler and then-member of the Japanese government or anything. They didn't...right? Well, what we do get for sure is a whole slew of tag matches, including a Rhodes family teamup, Arn bowing to peer pressure from Larry Zbyszko, and an array of outfits you could only possibly find on a wrestling show - plus, Sting teaming up with Great Muta with absolutely no explanation! On the singles side, Luger does have to wrestle in Japan this year, and El Gigante is back but at least this time he's with Vader. For all this, plus a match we weren't expecting to get, let's go to the squared circle...I mean, the ring!

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