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Episode 66: WCW/New Japan Supershow I

It's time for a new series, and this time, we're going international! We've gotten an occasional glimpse of WCW's partnership with New Japan Pro Wrestling before, when New Japan wrestlers visited WCW, but now it's time to take a look at when WCW wrestlers visited New Japan - in the WCW / New Japan Supershow series! First up - 1991's Supershow I, hacked together by WCW from New Japan's "91 Starrcade in Tokyo Dome." WCW's cut an 11 match show down to 7, but did they leave the fun intact? Sting vs. the Great Muta! The Steiners vs. Sasaki and Hase in a prematch from Collision in Korea! The Four Horsemen enjoy shopping! And can Ric Flair defeat the Dragon (not that one)? For all this and more, let's go to the ring! View on Zencastr

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