Episode 58: Bash at the Baywatch

At Bash at the Beach 1995, Baywatch crossed over with WCW - now, it's time for WCW to return the questionable favor on Baywatch's version of Bash at the Beach! Can Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage best Vader and Ric Flair to regain that greatest of all wrestling prizes: the escrow papers for a local gym? When Hulk Hogan faces off against a jet ski, who wins? (It ain't physics.) Has any Baywatch editor ever seen any professional wrestling matches, ever? And don't worry - they didn't film enough WCW antics to fill a full episode, but Baywatch's writers came up with exactly the right plot to combine with this fun, lighthearted wrestling angle. For all this and more, let's go to the beach!


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