Episode 39: Spring Stampede 1997

Yeehaw! Spring Stampede may have managed to skip the entire WCW Hulkamania era, but now it's back - landing smack in the middle of the nWo angle! Has the time off hurt the series, or can it come roaring back just as strong as in its first showing? One person who certainly benefitted from the two year gap is Diamond Dallas Page, who has gone from a barely-mentioned opening match performer to a main eventer in the intervening time. Also: Who will win a (very very eventual) title shot against World Champ Hollywood Hogan? Can Prince Iaukea retain his TV title against Steven Regal? Will the commentators even pay attention to Madusa vs. Akira Hokuto? For all this, plus one of the most infamous promo flubs of all time, let's go to the ring!


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