Episode 35: Slamboree 2000

It's the year 2000, and the end is swiftly approaching for WCW, making this the final Slamboree. But don't worry - WCW's still in the mood to waste a massive load of money on a terrifically expensive and equally massive three-tiered cage to put on one of their biggest spectacles yet, as Diamond Dallas Page and Jeff Jarrett challenge for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship held by...David Arquette? Meanwhile, Hulk Hogan goes hardcore, Prince Iaukea protests his record label I guess, Ric Flair gets franchised (I'd eat at a Ric Flair burger chain, for the record), and WCW has at least figured out that promo videos are best done about storylines rather than the mere existence of wrestlers but has apparently drained several 2-liters of Surge before making them.  For all this and far too much more, let's go to the ring!


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