Episode 34: Ready to Rumble

In early 2000, losing money and fans by the boatload, WCW decided they were so popular it was time to release a movie! Enter Ready to Rumble, which is such a cinematic masterpiece that Michael Buffer would be justified suing for defamation of character just for having his catchphrase associated with it. Thrill to the cinematic exploits of your favorite WCW performers, like DDP, Goldberg, Perry Saturn (no longer employed by WCW at this point), and...Jimmy King? Who the heck is Jimmy King? Oh, and you'll love watching fans just like you on screen for the first time, treated with all the dignity and respect you deserve and certainly not at all portrayed as absolute idiots who are dangers to themselves and others. Are we really sure an actual pro wrestling company was involved in this thing? For all this and more...let's go to the ring!


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