Episode 20: Bunkhouse Stampede '88

Once upon a time, a lone cowboy, accompanied only by soothing guitar music, spoke of a legendary match hidden in the mists of time. It haunted us. The whispers, or rather loudspeaker announcements, kept it in our memories. Now, at last, we face it: The Bunkhouse Stampede. 8 men battle for glory (and loads of money). But before that: three title matches! Can Bobby Eaton defeat Nikita Koloff for the TV Title? Can Larry Zbyszko claim the magnificent Western States Heritage Title from Barry Windham? And will one half of the Scorpihawks, Road Warrior Hawk, triumph over Ric Flair to become World Champ? (And...where is the other half of the Scorpihawks, anyway?) For all this and more, let's go to the ring!


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